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Ear, Nose & Throat

We are able to deal with many different aspects of ENT from minor injuries to emergency services and complex issues.ENT services cover a range of conditions including blockages in the nose and ears, sore throats, foreign bodies trapped inside the ears and nasal polyps among many more.


Earache or Otalgia can be caused by a large range of conditions. Perhaps more common in children due to recurrent infections, this symptoms can be extremely debilitating and considered one of the worst types of pain to endure

Ear Infection 

This is inflammation of the skin and cartilage of the outer ear. It is often due to a bacterial infection following a fairly minor injury to the ear. The ear has a very red appearance and can often exude pus like material. The patient often has severe pain.


By definition, chronic sinusitis means symptoms of sinusitis for more than three months. These include symptoms of nasal blockage, nasal discharge, symptoms of facial pain and headaches, congestion, postnasal drip and altered sense of smell. Probably the most common cause for chronic sinusitis is inadequate resolution from an acute episode, either by lack of treatment or the presence of a very virulent causative bacterium

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can either be congenital or acquired following birth. It can either be caused by problems of the outer ear, the middle ear or the inner ear. It can also be divided into the speed of onset of symptoms.


In some patients there can be fixation of the little bones in the middle ear particularly the third called the Stapes or Stirrup. This results in a condition called otosclerosis. Diagnosis can be assisted by high resolution MRI/CT imaging.


Nasal Blockage

By far the commonest cause for nasal blockage is the common cold. The infection usually due to one of the many respiratory viruses which spread by contact or airbourne droplets when an infected person sneezes.


The eustachian tubes connect the back of the nose to the middle ear and allow air to pass between these two structures so as to equalise pressure. 

Ear Blockage/ Ear Wax

The sensation of ear blockage can be due to either foreign body material in the outer ear canal or due to either the presence of fluid in the middle ear or obstruction of the eustachian tube.A build of wax is by far the commonest cause which can be made worse if the patient uses cotton buds to try and clear the ears.


The tonsils are thought to have an immunological function in the first 18 months of life but thereafter have no useful function and are surplus to requirement. Seen under the low-power microscope, the tonsil has deep clefts which reach to the inside of the tonsil and harbour numerous bacteria. Every now and again, these bacteria can become virulent and give rise to an episode of tonsillitis.

Ear Discharge

 The commonest causes are ear infection either due to the outer or middle ear causation and are usually associated with pain in the ear as well as the presence of a perforation of the ear drum depending on the exact cause.

Nasal Allergy

This can cause both acute and long term nasal blockage symptoms. In some patients it may contribute to the development of nasal polyps which further obstructs the nasal airway. Allergy causes swelling of the lining (mucosa) of the nose and after a long period of allergen exposure, the lining can become permanently enlarged. 


This term implies inflammation of the larynx and in particular the vocal cords. The most common would be viral episodes of upper respiratory infection giving rise to hoarseness due to swelling of the vocal cords. Occasionally, the symptoms can be quite severe and patient may lose their voice altogether.

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