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Dermatology Services

Inflammatory skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis are common but without treatment, they can be significantly debilitating. In addition to treatment we also offer specialist diagnostic services including skin patch testing for allergies and mole mapping to identify skin cancer risk.

Primary Services


Atopic or allergic eczema causes dry, scaly or thickened skin with redness and itching, most commonly on the hands, inside the elbows or behind the knees, although it can appear anywhere on the body. Worsening symptoms, with weeping sores that crust, are usually due to colonisation by skin bacteria and is an indication that you should see a dermatologist.


Inflammatory disease in which new skin cells are produced faster than normal, forming raised, red patches covered with fine silvery scales. Psoriasis can affect any part of the body, including the scalp and nails. If is not as well controlled as you would like, visit with our private dermatologists who can explain the different treatment options available. Book your appointment today.

Skin infections

Our of dermatologist is experienced in treating all forms of fungal, viral and bacterial skin infections, from impetigo, ringworm and shingles through to infestations such as scabies. If you think you could have a skin infection it is important to have it assessed before the condition spreads or passes on to someone else. Book your appointment today.

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