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In the Clinic we work with Adults, Adolescence and Children with low, mild and severe mental health issues, dual-diagnoses and challenging/antisocial behavior. We also offer different communication, relationship, social or mental health help by providing a warm and friendly professional service.
As I Psychologist I believe that this can help and improve the mental well-being and increase the Self-esteem, Confidence, Awareness and the coping Mechanisms. I use different psychological approaches always adapting to the personal issues, demands and individual needs. Good communication and relationship with trust, dignity and confidence are essential.
The consultations can be one to one (individual), family (where the whole family needs to be present), group (with groups up to 12 people), children (for up to 45 minutes). We also offer crisis intervention and expert witness psychological services. Call now to find out more or book an appointment.

Consultation up to 1hour 30 min- £100

Professional opinion – We offer expert witness psychologist services to legal professionals across the UK to support all types of child and family proceedings including pre-proceedings, criminal law, prison law and civil law cases – £160

About me:

Dr Astra Manasieva is a Psychologist with more than 10 Years’ experience in Psychodiagnostics, Psychotherapy and Psychological Profiling. Author of Books and several Articles published in peer to peer journals, reviews and conferences. Specialises in:
Emotional disorders – Depression, Manic Disorder, Bipolar Affective Disorder;
Organic disorders – Epilepsy, Alzheimer, Dementia, Schizophrenia;
Substance Misuse – alcohol, medical;
Eating Disorders – Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating, Other specified feeding or eating disorders;
Stress and Stress related conditions:
Anxiety – Phobias, Social Anxiety disorder, Panic attacks, Obsessive compulsive disorder, Post- traumatic stress disorder, Generalized Anxiety disorder
Personality disorder – Custer A, B, C


Emotional disorders through the prism of CBT.
Exercises and their effect on clinical depression.
Cyber psychology. Behavioural aspects.
(Cyber) stoking and bulling. Personality characteristics and ethical principles from the transition of traditional to online crime.
Social Theories to give a definition for the cybercrimes.
The power of cyberterrorism. Meaning, goals and predispositions.
The aggressive behaviour in the context of computer crime.
Aggression and aggressive behaviour in children and adolescence.
Suicidal thoughts and predispositions.
Psychological profiling as a method.
Isolation a form of deviation.
Analysing dreams through the prism of analytical psychology.
Fairy tales and their meaning. A way for individuation.
Techniques for stress management.
The crisis intervention as a method.
From silence to action. Psychological techniques for working with women, victims of violence.